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This Webpage is dedicated to a search for more information about Valentine Mattox and Mary "Polly" Shrewsbury Mattox.

Valentine and Polly lived much of their lives in Bedford County, Virginia in the late 1700's when it was on the American frontier. Family records indicate that Valentine and Polly were married in 1776. We do not know who Valentine's parents were, nor where he grew up. A family record indicates that he was born in 1751.

Polly is thought to be the daughter of Reverend Nathaniel Shrewsbury who moved to Bedford County, VA from Hanover County, VA in 1766. He and Valentine Mattox signed the Oath of Allegiance in Bedford County in 1777 - Nathaniel on 15 August, and "Val Maddox" - probably Valentine Mattox - signed on 10 October (DAR Magazine, December 1957, p. 1343).

Valentine and Polly had 6 children. A partial list of their descendants is available. This is also available as a GEDCOM file. Their Grandson, Nathaniel Shrewsbury Mattox appears to have been given his Great-Grandfather's name.

Much remains to be learned about Valentine and Polly. Bedford County has no record of their marriage. No official record of Polly's birth or baptism has been located. Hopefully the Internet will help researchers to communicate new results and thus make progress. It is possible that progress will be made through uncovering new family records. When did Valentine and Polly leave Bedford? What did they do after leaving? A family record indicates that Valentine died in Kentucky in 1825. The Nathan and Prudence Maddox family lived in Bedford at the same time as Valentine. This family is documented in a 1946 book by Dr. William H. Maddox which is in the national library of the DAR. It is not known whether Valentine is related to this family. Also, the origin of Nathan has not been established. Many descendents of the Nathan Maddox family currently live in the Bedford area.

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