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Nathaniel and Mary "Polly" Mattox were sturdy, self-reliant pioneers. Nathaniel is described as a profound thinker, mainly self-educated, skilled artisan, blacksmith, wagon builder, and clock maker, who worked long hours and hard enough to be able to give nine sons and daughters $200 and a cow at the times of their marriages. Nathaniel worked for some 50 or 60 years in spite of a painful and crippling disability of open vericose vein ulcers on one ankle. Compilations of the descendents of Nathaniel and Mary have been made by Mrs. Louise Davis Bateman, Charles F. Kincaid in 1970, and Paul E. Harvey in 1990.

Here are some photographs:

This photo of the family was taken on January 26, 1907.

This is a photo of Nathaniel and Mary "Polly" several years later .

Nathaniel Shrewsbury Mattox is the Grandson of Valentine Mattox. Nathaniel's Father (also named Nathaniel) established the Mattox Family in Bedford, Indiana where Nathaniel Shrewsbury lived his entire life.
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