The Reverend Nathaniel Shrewsbury Homepage

This Webpage is dedicated to sharing information about the origins and propagation of the Reverend Nathaniel Shrewsbury family.

Nathaniel Shrewsbury was born In Hanover County, Va in 1739. He became a Baptist Minister who moved to Bedford County, VA in 1766 with his brother, Reverend Samuel Shrewsbury. In 1771, Nathaniel constituted Goose Creek Church and was the Minister there until he moved to Adair County, Kentucky in 1798. A letter he wrote to the Goose Creek Church in 1818 has been preserved. It is available here as an image of a photocopy of the original and as a transcript. He died in Kentucky in 1825. The name of the church was changed to Morgans Baptist Church in 1884.

He and his son in law, Valentine Mattox signed the same Oath of Allegiance in Bedford County in 1777. Some information is available about Nathaniel Shrewsbury's ancestors.

The Webmaster of this page is John R. Mattox, a 4th Great-Grandson of Nathaniel Shrewsbury.