Mattox/Maddox Genealogy

The Maddox family originates in Wales. It appears that Maddox emigrants to American adopted a wide variety of spellings. Identified spellings (which may not all be variants of Maddox) include: Maddex, Maddix, Maddocks, Maddox, Maddux, Madocs, Madocx, Madog, Madogs, Madox, Matticks, Mattix, Mattocks, Mattox, and Mattux.

There is a Maddox Street in London, England, named after Sir Benjamin Maddox who died in 1716. An early American immigrant is Samuel Maddox who came to the province of Maryland in 1665. The descendents of Samuel are documented in a 1957 book by Fredonia Maddox Webster entitled, "THE MADDOX FAMILY OF MARYLAND," library of Congress call number CS71.M18. A more recent book is "Maddox, a Southern Maryland Family," by W.N. Harley, Heritage Press, Bowie MD, 1994.

Genealogical information is currently available on this Web site for the following individuals:
Reverend Nathaniel Shrewsbury , Bedford County, Virginia, USA, 1739-1825
Polly Shrewsbury Mattox , Bedford County, Virginia, USA, 1759-1853
Valentine Mattox, Bedford County, Virginia, USA, 1751-1825
Nathaniel Shrewsbury Mattox, Bedford, Indiana, USA, 1838-1931

Much remains to be learned about this family. Hopefully the Internet will help us to communicate and thus make progress. Here are my suggestions for the beginning genealogist.

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It has been alleged that Prince Madoc of Wales discovered North America and colonized Mobile Bay in 1170 A.D.

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