Frances Elizabeth NICKERSON ISELY

Frances married Henry in 1893. Here is information about their family.

Here is more information about Frances.

BIRTH: 20 SEP 1869, Springfield, Ohio; DEATH: 23 AUG 1940, Washington, D.C; BURIAL: White Chapel Cem, Wichita, Kansas.

Father: David Ashby NICKERSON; Mother: Abigail Paist HARRISON

MARRIAGE: 30 AUG 1893, Clearwater, Kansas to William Henry ISELY.

Her son Merrill reports that Frances participated in Quaker Friends Meetings. Extensive information about the Nickersons is avaliable from the Nickerson Family Association.

Frances was an accomplished genealogist. Here is the result of research she did on her lineage:

     |Thomas NICKERSON-142
    |Ebenezer NICKERSON-117
    ||Mary BANGS-143
   |Seth NICKERSON-96
   |||Joseph COVELL-144
   ||Constance I COVELL-118
   | |Hannah BASSETT-145
  |Joshua NICKERSON-75
  ||Mary      -97
 |Clark NICKERSON-48
 ||  |Edmund WARRING-146
 || |John WARING-119
 || ||Elizabeth BOUTON-147
 |||Thadeus WARING-98
 |||||David TUTTLE-148
 ||||Katherine TUTTLE-120
 ||| |Mary REED-149
 ||Abigail WARING-76
 | |Tryphena      -99
|David Ashby NICKERSON-30
|||Silas ASHBY-77
||Martha ASHBY-49
| ||Moses COLLETT-100
| |Sarah COLLETT-78
|  |Elizabeth ARMSTRONG-101
Frances Elizabeth NICKERSON-13
|   |Caleb HARRISON-121
|  |Caleb II HARRISON-102
|  |||Randall VERNON-150
|  ||Hannah VERNON-122
|  | |Sarah BRADSHAW-151
| |Joshua HARRISON-79
| |||Nicholas FAIRLAMB-123
| ||Eleanor FAIRLAMB-103
| | ||Richard CROSBY-152
| | |Catherine CROSBY-124
| |  |Eleanor      -153
||John Fairlamb HARRISON-50
|||  |John PANCOAST-154
||| |William PANCOAST-125
||||Seth PANCOAST-104
|||||Hannah SCATTERGOOD-126
|||Elizabeth PANCOAST-80
|| ||Thomas WOOLEY-127
|| |Ann WOOLLEY-105
||  ||Jonathan COPPOCK-155
||  |Sarah COPPOCK-128
||   |Jane OWEN-156
|Abigail Paist HARRISON-31
 |  |John Henry PAIST-129
 | |William PAIST-106
 | ||Hannah      -130
 ||James PAIST-81
 ||| |John NEALD-157
 ||||James NEALD-131
 |||||Judith      -158
 |||Ann NEALD-107
 || |Rachel      -132
 |Elizabeth PAIST-51
  | |Philip DUNN-133
  ||Jacob DUNN-108
  ||||Jacob MALIN-159
  |||Susanna MALIN-134
  || |Susanna JONES-160
  |Elizabeth DUNN-82
   | |Peter TAYLOR-161
   ||Modecai TAYLOR-135
   |||Elizabeth JARMAN-162
   |Mary TAYLOR-109
    ||James SHARPLESS-163
    |Esther SHARPLESS-136
     |Mary LEWMS-164

Here is a photograph of Frances' Father.

Caption on back, "David Nickerson . . . father of Frances E Nickerson Isely- Wells" Studio is Rogers, 106 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, Kas..

Here are photos of Frances.

Caption on back, "Frances Nickerson . . . Isely Wells . . . about 1891" Studio is E.H. Corwin of Ottawa, Kansas. Here is an uncropped version.

Caption on back, "Frances Nickerson . . . Ottawa 1891 . . . From Wayne Parker, son of W.H. Parker . . . Via E.E. Parker? . . . Verda's Story . . . Frances "Maybe I should have been nicer to him" Studio is Matrin, 226 S. Main Street, Ottawa, Kansas.

Caption on back, "Frances Nickerson Isely Wells on left" Studio is W.H. Martin of Ottawa, Kans.. Here is an uncropped version.

Caption on back, "Frances E. Nickerson . . . Isely--Wells" Studio is E.H. Corwin of Ottawa, Kansas.

Caption on lower right matte, "Frances Isely-Wells" Studio is Fred H. Reed, 119 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita.Here is an uncropped version.

Click here for larger version.

Frances' sisiter Mary. Caption on lower right matte, "Mary Nickerson Isely" Studio is Reid of Fort Worth. .

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