William Henry & Frances Isely

Henry and Frances were married on August 30th, 1893 in Clearwater Kansas. They had two boys, Merrill and Frank.

Here are photos of Henry & Frances.

Caption on back, "Ottawa College Play . . . "Bazaro" . . . Father Mother Leading Parts . . . WHI Frances Nickerson . . . Ottawa 1893" Photograph is brittle, possibly on metal. Frances E. Nickerson is lower left, William H. Isely is lower right. Glen Hermsmeier questions Grandpa Merrill's date -- both his parents were in the Ottawa U. class of 1891, so the date may actually be earlier.. Here is an uncropped version.

Ottawa University Class of 1891. Frances E. Nickerson (Isely,Wells) is row 3, column 1; William H. Isely is row 3, column 2. Printed on back is "W.H. Martin, Leading Photographer, Ottawa, Kans..

Here is a photo of their home.

Caption on back, "1626 N. Holyoke . . . Wichita, Kans.".

Here is a photo of the boys.

Frances with Merrill & Frank after Henry died. Caption on back, " MN & FC Isely . . . Mother 1909. Probably . . . 1626 N. Hoyoke, Wichita". Here is an uncropped version.

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