Bliss Isely

Bliss Isely was born on February 10, 1881 on the farm of his father, Christian H. Isely, near Fairview, Kansas. Bliss aided his mother, Elise Isely, in writing the story of her life, Sunbonnet Days.

Bliss was a lumberjack, school teacher, Sunday editor of the St. Louis Star, advertising man, and history writer. He married Flora Duncan on 31 May 1911 in Wichita. He served the U.S. Food Administration as publicity director for Kansas during World War I. His other books include, "Ealy Days in Kansas," 1927, "Four Centuries in Kansas," 1930, ...

He died on his Kansas farm, El Dorado, on 17 March, 1963.

Here are photographs of Bliss (click on each image for a rendition at higher resolution).

Caption on back, " 58 yrs . . . Bliss Isely"

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