The Christian and Elise Isely Family in About 1870

This is a photograph of Christian and Elise and their first 3 surviving children taken in St. Joseph, MO in about 1870. From left to right are Mary Alice, Christian, William Henry, Elise, and Lydia.

The digitization of this photo was done by Glen Hermsmeier using the photograph he found by with photos that Merrill passed to Mary Frances. It was in an evelope with an undated note from Bliss Isely that stated, "Dear Merrill, In case you do not recognize the picture... The children in the family group are your father at about the age of 5, Aunt Alice, and Aunt Jo. A Merry Christmas to you and yours. Bliss." This photo was published by Bliss in Sunbonnet Days, but Glen's digitization provides a superior image.