Wayne County - State of Kentucky,

November 20, 1818

Dearly Beloved Brethren:

It is the last opportunity I ever expect to have of writing a line to you. I being now in the 79th year of my age, can but expect in a very short time to be called away out of this world of Sin and Sorrow. I hope unto a world of peace, and although I can never see you again in this world, I hope to meet you there where parting will be no more.

As to my natural abilities they have all left me only my eyesight. My voice, it is gone, my hearing is greatly gone, my teeth is so gone that I can hardly speak plain, so that I am of but little use. I can hardly ride any distance.

As it respects religion I have as great a desire for the glory of God, in the advancement of my Redeemers Kingdom as I ever had. I long and pray for the peace and welfare of Sion. Tho at present religion is at a very low ebb here. Inequalitv abounds and the love of many waxes cold, but I know we must have our winters as well as our summers.

I hope that the Sun of Righteousness will return again with healing in his wings. It is no wonder to me that it is so when there is so great contentions among professors, when they are biting and devouring each other, as tho Religion consisted only in a drumming of articles or opinions.

But, Brethren I know that true Religion consists in pure love to God and love to rnan, and that is the same now, that it was when it first entered into the world. Therefore, dear Brethren, I exhort you to live in love, and pray one for another, and for me your poor old servant.

If ever I should have the opportunity of writing to you again. I have a desire to write you some of my matters and sentiments on Religion. Written from the banks of Cumberland to the Church of Christ in Bedford. So fare well to my old Church and to all my old friends and acquaintances.

Nathaniel Shrewsbury.