Christian and Elise Isely's Golden Wedding Anniversary

This photograph was taken on the occaison of Christian and Elise Golden Wedding Anniversary beside the home at 1627 N. Holyoke Street in Wichita, Kansas where Christian and Elise retired from the farm. All clan members living in 1911 were present for this photograph. Bliss and Flora were married the same day.

Bottom row, left to right: Manley Wellman , Charles Christian Isely (II) , Sarah Elise Isely Johnson, Harold Nickerson Isely , Ralph Dubach Isely , Marion Isely Alexander.
Second row, left to right: Charles Christian Isely (I) , Robert Henry Isely , Christian H. Isely , Elise Dubach Isely , James Walter Isely , Alice Fay Wellman , Mary Alice Isely .
Third row, left to right: Dwight Isely , Alameda Cook Isely , Frank Crawford Isely , Bliss Isely , Flora Duncan Isely , (bride and groom), Mary Nickerson Isely , Frederick Benjamin Isely .
Top row, left to right: Frances Nickerson Isely Wells, Merrill Nickerson Isely , Paul Iselin Wellman , Lydia Isely Wellman, Frederick Lovejoy Wellman.