Christian H. Isely & Elise Dubach Isely

Christian and Elise both immigrated as children from Switzerland with their families. They met in St. Joseph, Missouri, and were married there on May 31th, 1861 in the First Presbyterian Church.

After Christian returned from serving the Union as a soldier during the American Civil War, they went on to pioneer the "Great American Desert" in Brown County, Kansas. Of their 11 children, 8 survived to adulthood and 7 had children. Their descendants now number in excess of 250.

These children lived to be adults: William Henry, Mary Alice, Lydia, Frederick Benjamin, Charles Christian, James Walter, Bliss, and Dwight.

Here is Christian's entry in a hypertext data base of his descendants. Here is the index.

Here are photographs of Christian and Elise.

Caption on back, "Mr CH Isely & Elise Dubach Isely".

Left, Fred Isely and his wife. Right, Christian and Elise. Photo is back of postcard addressed to "Mrs. Sopha Isely . . . Fairview, Kans." Message is, "Dear Mrs. Isely, I want to congratulate you on the return of your birthday. May you be kept in health and in peace for many years to come. This is not a birthday card but I thought you might appreciate it. Your pastor, J.A. Hunsicker" It was not sent through the mail..

This photo was taken during the celebration of Christian and Elise's 50th wedding anniversary in Wichita, KA in 1911.

This photo was taken in Dodge City, KA in 1925.

Here are photographs of Christian and Elise's children.

This photo was taken in St. Joseph, MO in about 1870.

The Isely boys. Top, left to right: Charles, James, & Bliss. Bottom, left to right: Fred, Dwight?, & Henry. Studio is Maynard Bros. Portraits in Sabetha, Kas..

Caption on back, "Iselys at Springdale Picnic Grounds . . . July 4, 1901? . . . Near Morrill".

Here are photographs of Christian and Elise's grand children.

Older Grandchildren. Caption on back, "Paul Wellman, Frank Isely, Merrill Isely, Frederick Wellman" (left to right) .

Older Grandchildren again. Caption on back, "Paul Wellman, Merrill Isely, Frederick Wellman, Frank Isely" (left to right).

Caption on back, "Summer-1922 . . . Iselys . . . Harold, Robert, Ralph, Charles, Philip . . . Gene, Thornton, Quentin, Frederick" (top, left to right, then bottom, left to right)..

Caption on back, "Frederick I. Wellman & . . . Frank & Eunice Isely".

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