Elise Dubach Isely and Some of Her Descendants in August 1925

This photograph was taken beside the home of Elise's son, Charles Christian Isely (I), in Dodge City, Kansas. The occasion was a visit by the Fredrick Benjamin Isely family. Fred's oldest son, Harold, worked for the C.C. Isely Lumber Company for the summer.

Bottom row, left to right: Henry Philip Isely , Quentin Harrison Isely , Gene Walter Isely , James Thornton Isely .
Second row, left to right: Frederick Benjamin Isely, Jr. , Sarah Elise Isely Johnson, Katherine Isely McGuire, Elise Dubach Isely , Mary Blair Isely .
Third row, left to right: Mary Nickerson Isely , Alameda Cook Isely , Ralph Dubach Isely , Jessie Owen Isely , Harold Nickerson Isely , Robert Henry Isely .
Top row, left to right: Frederick Benjamin Isely, Sr. , Charles Christian Isely (I) , Charles Christian Isely (II) , James Walter Isely .